Kristin Riccio imbues spaces with a sense of place. By taking a narrative approach, layering in details that both welcome and wow, the interior designer creates a connection between the occupant and the environment. From the moment a client sets foot inside a property, there is a feeling of belonging—that this is where the lifestyle they envision for themselves will unfold. 

Having studied interior architecture and art history at UC Davis, interior design with an emphasis on exhibition at Pratt Institute, and furniture design at Danmark Designskole, Riccio brings a unique multidisciplinary mindset to every undertaking. Her portfolio features a 4,500 square-foot meeting hall-turned-residence where she deftly conjured intimate gathering areas (including a library done in a dramatic palette), and corporate headquarters invigorated by natural

and graphic accents (like a living wall and a custom mural). Balancing textures and materials—stone, wood, fabrics—further yields luxurious yet livable rooms. 

Collaboration is also a hallmark of Riccio’s designs, from working in tandem with architects to commissioning local artists for bespoke installations. Sourcing within the community as well as worldwide allows for timeless interiors that combine elements with diverse provenances. Her experiences in New York City and Copenhagen along with her extensive travels—such as visiting Le Corbusier-designed buildings in Europe and simply observing the tiles in homes in Istanbul—continue to inform her projects and provide perpetual inspiration.

Greene & Grey is a multi-disciplinary interior design firm based in San Francisco. The approach to each project is collaborative: developing strong relationships with the client in order to realize individual needs. Greene & Grey specializes in creating a stress-free and enjoyable experience: providing detailed designs, hands-on project management and clear communication throughout the process. The end result is a stylish, functional, unique space with individual personality.