Decorating with fall colors

I think we can all agree that summer may be a fun fling every year, but fall has our hearts. Is there anything better than apple cider donuts and the change in colors? Pretty sure the answer to that is no. But how to preserve those colors and the feel of fall? By bringing a fall-inspired palette indoors, of course. 

Typically, we look to the surrounding neighborhood and architecture for inspiration. Recently, one of our clients suggested we use his address for some inspiration...seriously. Seems strange right? But when someone lives at 54, and asks you to create a studio 54 inspired home, you don't ask questions! We found this photo of dancers from the era that is not only super sexy but also full of rich, fall-inspired hues (those chestnut boots! That emerald green sequin dress!) and it instantly ignited our color concept for the whole house. 


Each room we design has its own individual identity, but it's so critical that the whole home is cohesively pulled together. Using our favorite Studio 54 dancers as a jumping off point, we developed this concept board to illustrate our overall vision. 

Collingwood_Concept Board (1).jpg

From there, we were able to start focusing our design, with furnishings, art, lighting and most importantly executing this color palette. Below is our color board for the project that helps us to visualize how all of the hues will flow together and ensure we're capturing the Studio 54 vibe. This is such a great tool for us, the clients and our painters.  

Collingwood_Paint Board Final.jpg

Here are some favorite snapshots of the final product! We especially love these rich navy walls in the bedroom, and how they contrast with the brass and linen. Our client loves to sail and finding this vintage brass piece for above his bed from SF favorite stuff was a home run! Pairing that with the nautical bedding was such a nice touch. We completed the fall color feel with these rich mohair pillows.

In the foyer, we had a custom terrazzo console table made and paired it with the dramatic eggplant walls for a moody effect upon entering the house. Notice the vintage 54 house numbers we found! Lastly, this vintage Afghani area rug in the living room completed our color story with a rich red tones and texture.

What's your favorite way to decorate with fall in mind?